Special prices of intercooler hoses for Alfa Romeo passenger vehicles

Posted On 19.07.2023 / Category News

Turbo Ideal company has its representative office in Slovenia-Ljubljana next to Serbia. Turbo service, car service as well as the sale of intercooler hoses are the activities that this company deals with in this part of Europe.

Turbo Ideal has in its offer a full range of turbocharger pipes (hoses) and recharged air coolers for all models of passenger and \ semi-freight vehicles. You can find these products on the market under our brand TURBO IDEAL – TURBO CEVI.
The products are made of high-quality materials, depending on the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer are made from silicone, rubber and plastics. Our products are manufactured according to OEM dimensions and can be used on all standard vehicles for which they are intended according to the catalogue.

The intercooler pipes for vehicles model Alfa Romeo are at the action price. By logging in to the site you get an additional 5% discount on the entire assortment. Our assortment covers all vehicles of the passenger program.

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