The company Turbo Ideal was founded in 2013 in response to increasingly complex market demands in the automobile industry, with special emphasis on turbocharger overhaul and supplying the market with spare parts for the overhaul of turbochargers made by all global manufacturers.

For many years our specialists have been working in this field as technical managers in one of the most popular repair services for turbocharger overhaul in Southeast Europe – the company MOTORKOV.  All problems in the area of factory overhaul of turbochargers made by all global manufacturers were successfully resolved.

As the regional leader, our turbocharger overhaul service, Motorkov, provided services to companies both in Serbia and in the region. After a market analysis in 2010, we realized that the market demand for turbocharger overhaul repair had increased significantly and along with that the need for the spare parts to repair them.

As a response to this, the foundations were put in place in 2011 for a new company whose business would be exclusively the manufacture and distribution of parts for the overhaul of turbochargers, as well as the manufacture of complete CHRA cartridges for all models of turbochargers made by all global manufacturers.

In early 2013, our company Turbo Ideal began doing business. By setting goals in the manufacture of parts and the development of accompanying equipment and machinery for turbocharger overhaul, together with its associate companies, Turbo Ideal is rapidly assuming a leading position in Southeast Europe for the market supply of parts which are exclusively manufactured according to OEM dimensions and quality standards, making them extremely reliable for turbocharger overhaul activities. As a new brand, whose managers have vast experience in this field, we have very easily found our way on the market to dozens of partner repair service providers in all the countries of Southeast Europe who primarily deal with turbocharger overhaul.

Today, the company Turbo Ideal, thanks to its products and wide range of spare parts for turbocharger repair activities, supplies spare parts to turbocharger repair service providers throughout Southeast Europe and North Africa.  Our client technical support team has also provided our associates with a high-quality ONLINE catalogue, which they can use to select parts, manufactured according to OEM requirements, for turbocharger repairs. Via this catalogue, our associates can also find out which parts are needed for repairing turbochargers made by all global manufacturers.

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