Complete reparation and programming of electronic actuators

Posted On 22.08.2023 / Category News,New product

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Sometimes the solution to your problem is not to change or repair the entire turbocharger and expose to unnecessary financial costs.
If it turns out that the electronic actuator is the only problem in the operation of your turbocharger, we offer you an adequate solution!
In addition to overhauling the turbocharger, we also offer repairs to electronic actuators.

Among the most common failures of the actuator are damage to its electronic components, electrical motor failures and drive gear failures.
In order to determine exactly which of these failures is in question, it is necessary to examine the turbocharger, and this process requires the use of special testers.
The procedure is as follows:

  1. The turbocharger is delivered to service
  2. Overview of an old electronic actuator using a diagnostic device
  3. Diagnosing and repairing a malfunction
  4. Installation of an electronic actuator and its programming based on protocols
    Checking flow parameters on devices designed for flow control

Turbo Ideal offers new-original electronic actuators, as well as all the necessary equipment for their replacement.
Our range covers passenger and cargo program with over six thousand replacement parts for turbochargers.
You can see the full offer on the
Our online store will soon start operating, where our entire range of products will be available to you.

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