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VNT Master balancing machine



TURBO IDEAL P/N:VNT Master balancing machine
PRODUCER:Turbo Ideal

This flow bench is one of the best machines on the market for adjusting variable geometry on a turbocharger. The system of neodymium magenta enables extremely fast installation of all types of turbochargers on Machine.
This fast-moving system, a self-driving machine and real-time measurement, high efficiency and speed in operation. The flow can be adjusted while the machine and measurement work, which gives high productivity. Using this machine, in less than 30 seconds you will mount a turbocharger, the machine is ready for measurement in less than 30 seconds, and in a few minutes you can adjust the flow. This efficiency in operation provides the ability to adjust more than 120 turbochargers in an eight-hour shift. Automatic recalculation of air pressure and temperature (using built-in pressure and temperature sensors) and laminate flow air in the measuring part of the machine gives extremely high accuracy of measurement, in addition to the possibility of fast work on the machine.

Technical details:
-VNT Variable Geometry Setup real-time
-Measurements less than 30 sec needed for editing
-Android platform
-Quickly and easily update the database
-Wifi communication
-Turbocharger base with over 600 references
-The database can be expanded
-Easy installation of turbochargers
-System with its own air propulsion
-High efficiency
-Online detection and fault detection
-Updating database online

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