Posted On 24.02.2023 / Category News

Below are photos and impressions from the Mechanic Convention South.

Thanks to the Association of Car Service of Serbia for the idea and organization of the first such event in our country. More than eighty car repairers from all over the country responded to our joint call!

A lecture by Turbo Ideal and Ecap school center about the reasons for the failure of the turbochargers caused great interest among the gathered mechanic. We hope that we have been able to remove many doubts among the mechanic and help avoid potential problems. A lot of new and useful knowledge came into being in the eight-hour program and lectures of the other participants of the convention.

Once again, we have confirmed that we can survive in this business only if we improve our knowledge and work together remove all obstacles! It remains for us to prepare you more quality content in the field of turbochargers.

Until the next meeting!

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