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Turbo Master Combo 2 in 1



TURBO IDEAL P/N:Turbo Master Combo 2 in 1
PRODUCER:Turbo Ideal

Turbo Master 2 in 1 balancing machine consists of two balancing systems (system for balancing the assembly of high-speed turbochargers and turbine rotor balancing systems).
Everything you need to overhaul, balance and test the turbochargers in one place.
With a real-time diagram, defining the diagram resolution by the user, by controlling the measurement process by the user and examining the entire vibration diagram, you are able to and monitor the overall state of turbine vibrations.

Technical details balancing turbocharger rotors Revs:
0-3500 RPM – continuous regulation
Maximum rotor diameter: 250mm
Maximum rotor length: 300mm
Maximum rotor weight: 5kg
Resolution: 0.001g

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