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The project of the Modern Workshop of the 21st Century, which was presented for the first time at the motor show in Belgrade,
aimed to promote the craft to younger generations.
Dealing with the sudden changes in the industry, as well as the lack of response of the school system itself to them,
are just some of the reasons why there are fewer and fewer students who decide to make the trade their life calling.
Friends of the Association of Car Repairers of Serbia gave students the opportunity to get acquainted
with a service center that will represent their future workplace.
Aware of the circumstances and the current situation in the school system, we tried to cover the entire scope of work of a future repairman.

Our joint appearance at the car fair was an opportunity to show the younger generations the work processes that they
have not had the opportunity to see in schools so far, as well as to provide them with useful information that they will need in the business of servicing vehicles.
The entire fair exhibition was attended by numerous visits of secondary school teachers as well as their students, to whom we owe gratitude for their interest and participation in the program.

Topics of the XXI Modern Workshop:
-Electronic service management software-AutoTek Company
-Servicing of high-voltage vehicles- Ecap Service Center
-Calibration and importance of ADAS vehicle systems- COMPANY OBD2
-Introduction to the process of overhauling the turbocharger as well as work on the exhaust gas flow adjustment machine – Companies Turbo Ideal and Motorkov
-Importance and tips for choosing oil for engine- ENEOS oils

In the spirit of good cooperation of our company Turbo Ideal I turbo service Motorkov will be pleased to continue
actively supporting future promotions of the craft that UASS plans.
We believe that after this fair event, members of the association will show even greater interest and support our efforts to achieve our goals together.

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