Turbo Ideal company and ECAP school center participate in the first Master convention SOUTH

Posted On 18.01.2023 / Category News

The first Master’s Convention will be held in Niš, on January 28 at the Crystal Light Hotel under the auspices of the Serbian Car Repairers Association, starting at 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A month after the opening of applications for participation in the Master Convention, fellow car repairers, for whom this event is primarily intended, expressed enormous interest in the presence itself. This information has once again confirmed that joint events at the republic and regional level are necessary for better connecting workshops and raising the information of servicers about novelties and trends in the auto motive industry. Visitors to the first South Master Convention will have the opportunity to be informed about topics such as ecology, legislation, dual education, diagnostics, software as well as some of the most common causes of turbocharger failure and how to prevent them.

Friends of the Association from Turbo Service Motorkov and Turbo Ideal company say that in the future, as before, they will gladly respond to participation in such events. Together with other friends and associations, they will try to support the organization of future gatherings of car repairers, who are facing increasing changes in their industry and business. It is necessary to speak openly about the issues that car repairers face on a daily basis, such as the lack of qualified personnel, huge changes in the auto industry, not promoting the craft as a desirable and profitable profession Visitors to the convention can expect a joint presentation of Jakov Peković (ECAP School Center) and Predrag Stojanović company (Turbo Ideal) which will further clarify to service technicians potential doubts about the reasons for turbocharger failure and how to prevent them. It will also discuss the operation of supporting components on the vehicle (EGR) and the control of differential pressure and fuel supply.

„Car repairers are primarily our partners and as much as we want them to hear us, we want to hear them. Therefore, we would like to use our presence to discuss it openly with them. The topic we have chosen is “Causes of turbocharger failure”. We believe that we have a lot to say to the repairmen about this topic, but also a lot to hear from them. The goal is to make everyday work as easy and efficient as possible. Diagnostics of a turbocharger can be reduced not only to the mere diagnosis of the turbocharger itself, but also to finding the reason for its failure. These reasons can be many, because the system itself, as well as a number of influential factors, is quite large. We believe that complete and correct diagnostics of a malfunction, but also the reason why it occurred, is the only way to quality work and customer satisfaction.
“Every event like this brings something useful to each participant. The exchange of information, experiences and even problems is a sure way to overcome them more easily. We sincerely hope that such gatherings will become a regular event and that the number of colleagues at them will increase,” Peković said.

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